Kali Dunlap

Kali Dunlap


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  • BAS Program Coordinator, BOT & PM
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Kali Dunlap, serving Mississippi State University's College of Professional and Continuing Studies as both a distinguished educator and advisor, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from the same institution. Dunlap is on the cusp of further elevating her academic credentials, with a PhD in Educational Leadership expected in May 2024. Leveraging over ten years of experience, she guides students toward achieving their academic aspirations. As an advisor, Dunlap has supported numerous learners in obtaining their baccalaureate degrees through online platforms. In her role as an instructor within the Bachelor of Applied Science program, she enhances the curriculum with essential skills in workplace communication, leadership, and success strategies. Additionally, Dunlap plays a crucial role in overseeing the development and quality assurance of the Business and Technology (BOT) and Project Management (PM) majors in the Bachelor of Applied Science degree program, ensuring program excellence and relevance in the workforce.