Healthcare Administration

Bachelor of Applied Science in
Healthcare Administration

Supercharge your healthcare career by transforming your health-related AAS degree into a leadership role, mastering healthcare finance, law, and regulations to confidently manage in hospitals, private practices, and more, meeting the growing demands of the healthcare sector. Available Online and at the Meridian campus!

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About the Program

KEY INFORMATION: The Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Healthcare Administration, offered at Mississippi State University's Riley Campus in Meridian and Online, presents a unique educational pathway for individuals with health-related AAS degrees, starting in January 2024.

This program is meticulously crafted to equip future healthcare leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel as managers in diverse clinical settings. Our graduates are groomed to take on pivotal roles in hospitals, private medical practices, long-term care facilities, pharmaceutical companies, insurance firms, and medical equipment manufacturing industries.


The courses you take in BAS in Healthcare Administration strengthen your core skills in:

  • Communication Skills
  • Financial Acumen in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Policy and Law
  • Healthcare Technology Management
  • Leadership in Clinical Settings
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • Quality and Risk Management

Healthcare Administration

The courses below are for the Healthcare Administration BAS major.

HCA 3103 Health Information Systems

3 HOUR | Meridian, Online

HCA 3113 Managing Healthcare Organizations

3 HOUR | Meridian, Online

HCA 3123 Healthcare Economics

3 HOUR | Meridian, Online

HCA 3203 Healthcare Marketing

3 HOUR | Meridian, Online

HCA 3313 Healthcare Systems

3 HOUR | Meridian, Online

HCA 3513 Human Resource Management in Healthcare

3 HOUR | Meridian, Online

HCA 3813 Healthcare Regulations

3 HOUR | Meridian, Online

HCA 4013 Ethical Issues in Healthcare

3 HOUR | Meridian, Online

HCA 4303 Financial Management for Healthcare

3 HOUR | Meridian, Online

HCA 4803 Healthcare Policy

3 HOUR | Meridian, Online

PCS 2111 Introduction to the Bachelor of Applied Science

1 HOUR | Online

PCS 3103 Professional Leadership Strategies

3 HOUR | Online

PCS 4112 Professional Success Strategies in Applied Fields

2 HOUR | Online

Healthcare Administration
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Use our Tuition Estimator (2023-2024) to see how affordable your degree could be. Slide the notch to the number of credits you've already earned—which may qualify for transfer credit—to get an estimate of what your degree might cost. This estimate is for tuition and fees only for the Online Campus Only. This estimate does not take into include housing, food, books, supplies, or costs of living. For a better calculation of your true cost, please visit MSU Student Financial Aid, use their TrueCost Calculator tool, and contact them for more guidance. The campus where the courses from the degree are taken (Starkville, Meridian, or Online) does alter the tuition cost per credit hour.



Your Estimated Tuition:

Transcripts sent from other colleges and universities will be evaluated, and accepted credits will be added to the student's MSU record. The Tuition Estimator is not a guarantee or predictor of the number of credit hours that will be accepted.

Scholarships and other financial aid options (MTAG, MESG, PTK, Community College Transfer, Military) will reduce this total tuition and fees cost for the hours you will need to earn a BAS degree.


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If you need help, do not feel bad! Before applying, we recommend that you discuss your career goals, community college degree earned, background, and other questions about the BAS degree with one of our BAS advisors or an MSU Admissions Counselor.

Healthcare Administration
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Healthcare Administration
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