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Bachelor of Applied Science
Community College Transfers

Turn your community college achievements into a springboard for success, propelling your career forward with our BAS program.

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Starting your Bachelor of Applied Science degree at Mississippi State opens doors to careers that industries urgently need to fill. This program does more than just recognize your hard work towards an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or Associate of Applied Technology (AAT); it's a direct link to the jobs and roles that are in high demand. From the first day, our advisors help map out how your credits transfer, ensuring your education strengthens your position for the career you aim for. It’s about making your past efforts count towards a brighter professional future, with a degree that’s crafted to meet not just educational but real-world career needs.

If you’ve earned an AAS or AAT degree and are ready to take your skills to the next level, this is where you can truly shine. By transferring up to 60 hours of credit, including 45 technical credits, you’re not just moving forward with your education. You're stepping into a future where your degree is key to unlocking job opportunities designed to meet current industry demands. This program isn’t just a collection of courses; it’s a carefully structured path to ensure you graduate ready to meet the needs of today’s job market. With Mississippi State, you’re not just gaining a degree; you’re setting yourself up as the professional that industries are eager to hire.

Community College Transfers

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