Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Bachelor of Applied Science in
Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Drive the future of industry with a degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology, where cutting-edge skills meet innovative solutions.  Available on our Starkville campus and Online.

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About the Program

KEY INFORMATION: On this page, we detail the Advanced Manufacturing Technology emphasis area within the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program, a unique focus differing from typical majors or minors, providing a technical focus within the degree. The information presented about job prospects, skills learned, and relevant courses is up-to-date. We are excited to share that we are planning to transition this popular emphasis area to a BAS major by next year.

The BAS in Advanced Manufacturing Technology is designed to help you stay ahead of the game in this rapidly advancing industry. Taught by experienced faculty, the program offers practical experience and technical knowledge in manufacturing. This program is ideal for community college graduates seeking career advancement in the manufacturing sector.


Earning your BAS in Advanced Manufacturing Technology builds upon your core skills in manufacturing, including:

  • Automation
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Project Mgmt
  • Quality Control
  • Systems Designs
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Leadership
  • Human Relations Mgmt.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

INDT 3043 Industrial Safety

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

INDT 3063 Human Relations

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

INDT 3223 Industrial Materials

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

INDT 3243 Industrial Metrology

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

INDT 3363 Motion and Time Study

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

INDT 3373 Forecasting and Cost Modeling

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

INDT 4223 Quality Assurance

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

INDT 4233 Maintenance Management

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

INDT 4263 Manufacturing Technology and Processing

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

INDT 4463 Manufacturing Technology and Processes II

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

Advanced Manufacturing Technology
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Advanced Manfacturing Technology
Frequently Asked Questions

Earning a BAS in Advanced Manufacturing, along with the appropriate, related technical degree from an accredited community college, could open opportunities in the field of industrial engineering, such as industrial production manager, manufacturing team leader, and transportation and logistics supervisory roles. You could also work in manufacturing and production-related settings such as healthcare, automotive, and commodity businesses.

The Department of Industrial Technology, Instructional Design, And Community College Leadership is accredited by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE). ATMAE is the leading accreditation body for the Industrial Technology field. The department is also endoresed by the North American Process Technology Alliance, which is the universally recognized organization of Process Technology (PTEC).

For more information about the department, please visit

Advanced Manufacturing is a modern approach to making products that use cutting-edge technologies like robotics, 3D printing, AI, and computer programming. Unlike traditional manufacturing, which often relies on manual labor, Advanced Manufacturing focuses on efficiency, customization, and high-quality output designed to help companies deliver the highest ROI. This field is rapidly growing and offers exciting career opportunities for those with the right technical skills. By studying Advanced Manufacturing, you'll be well-prepared for jobs that are in high demand, giving you a competitive edge in today's job market.

We understand that choosing the right degree program is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact your career trajectory and personal development. At Mississippi State University, our Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program is uniquely designed to offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of students, particularly working adults. What makes us different? 

  • Stackable and Modular Pathways

    We understand that education is a lifelong journey. Our program offers stackable credentials, meaning you can build upon your existing skills and qualifications. This modular approach allows YOU to customize your educational pathway to align with your career goals and personal aspirations.

  • Community and Networking

    Being part of Mississippi State University means you become a member of our family. The connections you make here—both with peers and faculty—can serve as invaluable networks in your future career.

  • Career-Oriented Curriculum

    Our curriculum is tailored to meet the demands of the modern workforce. It combines foundational academic courses with specialized training in various fields, allowing you to apply what you learn directly to your job. This design was created leveraging input from students like you, industry and workforce experts, and our renowned faculty.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology
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