Adult Learners

Bachelor of Applied Science
Adult Learners

Elevate your professional journey and personal growth by leveraging your life experiences through our BAS program, tailored for adult learners.

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Our Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree at Mississippi State University welcomes adult learners of all stages and from all walks of life, recognizing the rich experiences and diverse backgrounds you bring to our community. Whether you've earned an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or Associate of Applied Technology (AAT), our program is crafted to acknowledge your hard work and propel you into careers critically needed in today's industries. Our dedicated advisors ensure your transition is seamless, with a credit transfer process designed to bolster your career trajectory. This program is not just about advancing education; it's about leveraging your life's work toward achieving remarkable professional futures.

At Mississippi State, we believe it's never too late to pursue your dreams. Adult learners looking to elevate their skills and secure a significant place in the job market will find a supportive, dynamic environment here. The ability to transfer up to 60 hours of credit, including 45 technical credits, means you're not starting from scratch but moving forward from a position of strength. Our BAS degree is more than a pathway to a diploma; it's a bridge to becoming the highly skilled professional that today's industries compete to hire. Here, your journey towards academic and career success affirms that at Mississippi State, every age is the right age to apply and transform your future.

Adult Learners

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