Public Management

Bachelor of Applied Science in
Public Management

Transform your passion for public service into a career with our Public Management program, crafted alongside the Mississippi Fire Academy. Whether you're a firefighter or a first responder, take the next step in leadership and emergency management. Start your journey today, available on our Starkville campus and Online.

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About the Program

KEY INFORMATION: We are excited to announce the introduction of a new major within the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program at Mississippi State University that started in January 2024. This innovative major replaces the previous emphasis area in Public Management emphasis area

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Management is tailored to meet the needs of experienced professionals with an associate degree in public safety majors, such as fire science, law enforcement, or emergency medical services. Many municipalities and public safety departments now require a bachelor's degree for higher-level designations, such as manager or chief. This program equips students with essential knowledge and skills for leadership positions in public safety and is available in online, in-person, and hybrid formats.


The BAS in Public Management will strengthen your core skills in the areas of:

  • Communication
  • Decision-Making
  • Data Analysis
  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Public Administration
  • Public Relations
  • Risk Management

Public Management

PCS 2111 Introduction to the Bachelor of Applied Science

1 HOUR | Online

PCS 3003 Workplace Communication and Collaboration for Professionals

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

PCS 3103 Professional Leadership Strategies

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

PCS 4003 Personnel Management for the Public Sector

3 HOUR | Online

CO 3803 Principles of Public Relations

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

CO 4043 Communication and Leadership

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

MGT 3113 Principles of Management

3 HOUR | Starkville, Lecture

MGT 3823 Socially Responsible Leadership

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

PS 3193 Intergovernmental Relations

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

PS 4703 Principles of Public Administration

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

TECH 3133 Administrative Management and Procedures

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

TECH 4263 Diversity in Work and Educational Environments

3 HOUR | Starkville, Online

PCS 4112 Professional Success Strategies in Applied Fields

2 HOUR | Starkville, Online

Public Management
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If you need help, we are here for you! Before applying, we also recommend that you discuss your career goals, community college degree earned, background, and other questions about the BAS degree with one of our BAS advisors or an MSU Admissions Counselor.


Public Management
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Management is uniquely designed to meet the needs of first responders and professionals in public-facing roles. This program focuses on the essential skills and knowledge required for effective public service management, including crisis management, public policy, ethical leadership, and emergency response planning. Understanding the demanding schedules of first responders, the program offers flexible scheduling and online course options to accommodate working professionals. It aims to enhance the capabilities of first responders to lead and manage in complex and challenging environments, making a significant impact on public safety and community well-being.

The BAS in Public Management opens a wide array of career advancement opportunities for first responders. Graduates are well-prepared for leadership and managerial roles within emergency services, law enforcement, fire services, and other public sector agencies. The program equips first responders with the strategic management and leadership skills necessary to ascend to supervisory and executive positions, such as emergency services manager, public safety director, or emergency preparedness coordinator. By focusing on both the theoretical aspects of public management and practical, real-world applications, the program ensures that graduates are ready to take on advanced roles that contribute to effective and efficient public service delivery.

The length of time it takes to complete an applied science major can vary depending on the specific program and whether the student is attending full-time or part-time. Typically, a full-time student would take two years (4 semesters) to complete a bachelor's degree in applied science.

Yes, only students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science or Technology can enroll in this degree program. It does not matter when you earned the degree, but it must be completed on a transcript from that community college.

You must complete a total of at least 30 hours of upper-level coursework in your area(s) of study. Other restrictions may apply on a case-by-case basis. Please ask your BAS Advisor for more information.

Public Management
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